About Skrumble Technologies Inc.

Launched in 2014, Skrumble Technologies Inc has become a well-established cloud communication company in the industry. With over 30 filed global patents, Skrumble leverages exclusive technology to build trusted solutions for Fortune 500 companies, IT consulting firms, call centers, professional services, police forces, security companies, governments, remote business, developers, and more. Over 400,000 users have leveraged Skrumble’s various technology and communication solutions. It is Skrumble’s mission to innovate methods of communication and create opportunities for people to connect globally on the most secure platforms possible.

Skrumble launched a unified communication platform in Spring 2017 with strong market response and changed the way businesses communicate. Utilizing the robust functionality of the cloud platform, Skrumble wrote and published rich product documentation and released a powerful open API for developers to program communication features into any application. To further benefit global business, Skrumble began white-labelling custom communication solutions for companies in healthcare, law, consulting, and more, to have their own tele-platforms.

Skrumble has also recently released a brand-new widget for developers to embed chat, voice and video directly onto any website or platform. More importantly, Skrumble has decided to redirect the skillset and technical knowledge of the team to leverage the company’s existing technologies to meet incredible market demand by building a unique blockchain communication experience. The team behind Skrumble has more than doubled over the past year and consists of around 40 incredibly talented team members.

The Skrumble team continues to push communication barriers and innovates solutions for businesses worldwide to come together and grow. Skrumble Technologies Inc will provide development, blockchain expertise and technology licensing to power Skrumble Network. Skrumble Network will focus on decentralized communication technologies and building and fostering the network community. Together, we can build the next generation communication network. We believe that with true autonomy and data ownership, we can build trust and further unlock the vast opportunities of a true global network.

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