We sat down with Lissy Lissondro, Skrumble’s resident social media expert to learn more about taking back you data ownership.

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“Platforms are not private, can be blocked or compromised, and users do not own their data.


Hola, mi nombre es Lissy, and in this video I’m going to ask you, who owns your data?

Every move we make online leaves a digital footprint. You can’t use social media anymore without being monitored and targeted. Every like, every follow, every post leaves a trace and platforms use that information to cater the content you see and advertise to you.

Here, at Skrumble, we believe everyone needs to take back ownership of their own information and stand up for their privacy and security. That’s why we started the Skrumble Network project.


Using a decentralized, shared network, means that your data is spread out and not easily censored or hacked.


With unique session keys to distinguish each conversation. Only people participating in a conversation have access to the information shared. You can easily set notifications so that you receive alerts when someone downloads or saves a file meant to be private.

Users can control is they want records of their conversations and filed to be stored in the cloud.


Basically, no one has access to your data unless you give them permission, empowering you to manage your team information and keep everything secure.” – Lissy Lissondro, Social Media Coordinator at Skrumble.


Author: Shelby Pearce

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