Hey SKM community! We’ve got some project updates for you here:


We’ve updated our visualization tool! Not only have we updated the appearance of the visualizer with a few new colours, we have also added in a day/night feature with the sky image so users can view the time passing by.


More importantly, we’ve updated the visualizer to be pulling information from the updated smart contract.  Now, the SKM community will be able to view transactions happening live with tokens that have made the contract update.


The visualization tool has also been updated on our Github page. Click here to visit our Github.


To visit the updated visualization tool, click here.



Next, we’re excited to announce that we have received an investment from the OnCloud Fund. This group understands the core mission of Skrumble Network and they are committed to helping us realize our vision. We’re thrilled to be working with oncloud and can’t wait to see what the future brings!


SKM is now listed on the BankXXX Exchange (https://www.bank.xxx). We’re excited to be listed on this new exchange and enable an even greater number of people to join our ecosystem and community.


Ally has also seen some major updates and improvements recently. Its network speed has been enhanced to accommodate new users and support additional functionality. Moreover, Ally now has even more Chinese groups as interest in our project continues to grow throughout the Chinese market.


Recently, Eric spoke on a panel at a blockchain event in Shanghai and received some incredible support for Skrumble Network and our project’s mission. Check out some pictures below!




Be sure to follow Skrumble Network on TelegramTwitter or Ally because we’ve got some more announcements coming soon!


About Skrumble

Skrumble Network (SKM) is a completely new, innovative blockchain powering application ecosystems that centers on creating the most secure connections for communication possible. It is a blockchain uniquely optimized for secure communication-centric connections and transactions. With no middle entity or centralized server host in between to censor, block or manipulate any data, Skrumble Network’s blockchain and application ecosystem will be a catalyst for data privacy and help to truly democratize communication on a global scale.


Learn more about Skrumble Network (SKM) by visiting skrumble.network.


Author: Shelby Pearce

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