Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skrumble Network?

So Skrumble Network is an application?

Skrumble Network is a secure, communication-centric blockchain, decentralized communication application and a communication layer for developers to add into any application.

Along with building a proprietary, secure blockchain, Skrumble will also build the first secure, complete full spectrum Omni-channel communication application that will breakthrough traditional firewalls, assure user anonymity, guarantee content and data privacy with features like messaging, calling, video, file sharing, and more. The Skrumble Network blockchain and application will also create opportunities for people to add decentralized communication elements into any ecosystem or platform.

With no middle entity or centralized server host in between to censor, block or manipulate any data, Skrumble Network blockchain and application will enable open, global private communication and transactions that are truly community owned and operated.

Who will be the target demographic?

We predict early adoption will be through targeting blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, however, Skrumble Network is meant for everyone. Anyone from anywhere in the world that seeks a place to conduct secure communication and wants to take back ownership of their data.

How has your legacy Skrumble product influenced the design and implementation of Skrumble Network?

Skrumble’s current communication technologies have played a very large influence on the research and development phase for our new blockchain direction. The communication application we’re building as the first product on Skrumble Network will leverage some of our core platforms UI/UX and functionalities, but the main differentiator is the server configuration to a decentralized network.

What pricing structure do you plan on implementing for SKM?

The initial download of Skrumble Network will be free. The SKM utility token will be used to unlock specific features and functionality. Users must possess, or buy, a specific number of tokens in order for certain functionalities to work.

Who are the partners and advisors of SKM?

Visit to view all of our advisors, early adopters & investors and strategic partners.

Describe Skrumble Network in one sentence.

Skrumble Network provides global access to a secure communication system that enables user privacy and data ownership, all in one place. It’s a decentralized communication ecosystem powered by blockchain technology that will break through fire walls, assure your anonymity, and guarantee content and data privacy.

Why do you need a public chain, instead of an alliance chain?

An alliance would be if we shared it. A private is for a closed group. Skrumble Network is building a public chain – as it is our own, specifically designed to handle the communications requirements. As well, anyone will be able to use it and we will publish it for the public to utilize.

What is the current progress of the product?

The project is up and running in our lab with load testing. There will be an Alpha release to partners in June/July and Beta shortly thereafter. The product will be delivered to users in Q3 of this year.

Why is Skrumble Network Different?

What differentiates SKM from all other blockchain/communication options?

Truly decentralized, Omni-channel communication has not yet been realized within the blockchain technology space. With this insight, we plan to build a network unlike any competitors or other key players in the market, completely unique, and will include:


  • Completely anonymous and decentralized communication.
  • Robust and unique functionality with messaging, audio and video calling, conferencing, file transfers, screen sharing, user-controlled record storage, screenshot notifications, pseudonymous identification, data encryption & privacy, wallet for In-Context money transfers, and will be supported by all modern browsers and also be an application.
  • Proprietary and totally unique algorithm powering Skrumble Network Communication Authentication Blockchain Protocols.
  • Due to the use of Skrumble’s proprietary algorithm, Skrumble Network cannot be blocked by any fire wall.
  • Open API/open source documentation for other blockchain technologies and developers to use to build other innovative technologies utilizing Skrumble Network’s communication layer.
  • Endless possibilities for our own expansion, including In-Context & Secure Online Payment Gateways, a Freelance Marketplace, In-Conversation Smart Contracts, Virtual Showrooms, and other partnerships with other blockchain technologies.
  • Trusted, already in-market communication technology.
  • 30+ existing high level global patents.
There are so many similar projects in the market, what’s the difference between Skrumble Network and these projects?

What’s unique about Skrumble Network is our decentralized messaging, real-time voice and video calling with conferencing, file sharing, storage protocols, in-context payments, mini-smart contracts and other integrations with exchanges, wallets and other open apps.

That said, the current market in the centralized world has many successful competitors with hundreds of millions of users, like WeChat, Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. However, Skrumble Network will be the first completely decentralized communication network using blockchain technology, proprietary protocols and will utilize our existing Omni-channel technology.


Not Decentralized

  • Telegram: Uses a VPN approach, maintaining its current messaging platform and simply
  • adding a transactional wallet. VPN approaches are easily blocked by firewalls or access completely.
  • BeeChat: Deploys their own servers to store data.

Not Real-Time Voice and Video

  • SNT: Solely a messaging platform and can connect to other apps.
  • Bitmessage: Only a messaging platform.
  • BeeChat: Only a messaging platform.

Not Communication Apps

  • Whisper: A communication protocol for DApps to communicate with each other.
  • Kin: Allows users to earn and spend KIN on digital services.
Who are the Skrumble Network competitors and how do you compare?

Why you can Skrumble Network achieve real-time communication on blockchain while others cannot?

Skrumble Network is the first blockchain and application to employ a two-tiered approach strategy to establish communications using a secure, peer-to-peer connection.

What’s the difference between Skrumble Network and Mainframe – from a technical perspective?

Mainframe has deployed a decentralized topology much like Skrumble Network, but any similarities end there. The Mainframe project, primarily a communication layer for messaging, is built upon a protocol called XMPP, which is an established protocol that has been around for many years. It was used by both Google and Cisco (Jabber) for their chat applications. Both of these companies have subsequently dropped this protocol because it does not lend itself well to real-time voice and video.

What’s the difference between Skrumble Network blockchain and Telegram’s blockchain?

The Telegram blockchain is built primarily around ensuring quicker payment processing, as opposed to enriching communication. The Skrumble Network blockchain has been designed to handle both the data required to establish secure peer-to-peer communications, as well as handle fast and private financial transactions.

What’s the difference between Skrumble Network and Kin Ecosystem?

The Kin Network is more like Telegram than Skrumble. It is meant to be a digital currency built upon the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. It is essentially a repackaged Ethereum token. According to their whitepaper, its primary use is a method to monetize the KIK messenger app.

This blockchain it not designed for the purpose of supporting voice or video connections, and the technology architecture would need to be significantly altered to do so. Additionally, this model has already attracted the scrutiny of securities and financial regulators due to its proximity to being more of a financial instrument.

Skrumble Network Features

What are Skrumble Network’s unified, Omni-Channel features?

Is there a maximum capacity of participants for a group chat?
The number of participants in a group chat is only limited by the number of tokens held in the conversation creators’ wallet. There is no limit.
How many people can have the video at the same time? Why?

There are two ways to achieve a video call. On a mobile device, users will be able to have up to 10 participants on a video call. There will also be large scale video meeting bridges for larger video applications where an unlimited number of users can participate in a Uni-cast video call. This is where one user broadcasts to the group. For Multi-cast large scale video calls the maximum is 50 participants. Multicast is where all participants can see each other.

For User-Controlled Storage, where will the data be stored?
Conversation records will be stored using file servers in the cloud. Only users with the unique conversation key who participated in the original conversation will be permitted to access the saved information.
What is Skrumble Network’s Transactions Per Second (TPS)? Is it tested?

Skrumble Network is able to achieve 500 TPS. Our ultimate design goal is to achieve 1000 TPS under load. It is important to note that TPS is not as important to Skrumble Network as the time we’re able to reach consensus and establish secure connections. This metric is much more important to our user experience being natural and in real-time.

How can Skrumble Network not be traced or blocked by firewalls?

Skrumble Network does not use centralized servers. All communication happens through an encrypted peer-to-peer. There are no IP addresses or URLs to block. Any device that can access the Internet will have unlimited access to Skrumble Network.

Data Privacy & Ownership

What kind of data is actually being stored and where?
Data is not on the blockchain itself. The only thing that is stored is the session ID and any financial information if a transaction has occurred. The user will have the option to store their data on their local device for free or Skrumble Network’s premium feature long term high capacity storage. This storage method will utilize Skrumble’s patented secure distributed file storage technology to encrypt the file using the unique secret key generated from the conversation. The data will be split and distributed amongst the network and can only be reassembled using the secret key. All of this happens in the background. Commercial operators, like miners, will be incentivized for hosting Skrumble Network long term storage.
If there are sensitive matters occurring within the network raising ethical issues, how does Skrumble Network solve it?
Skrumble will have no visibility into user data. All data is owned by the users and users are subject to the laws of their local jurisdictions. Furthermore, Skrumble Network users will be incentivized to self-patrol conversations they are a part of and report inappropriate activity to the community.
How does Skrumble Network feel about data ownership?
On Skrumble Network, all data is owned by the user. Skrumble will have no access to any user data.
Other than the authentication, what else is done and stored on the main blockchain?

In addition to the initial authentication, the blockchain will carry any financial data derived during the sessions. For example; any in conversation payment or transfers. As well, all of the information to establish the peer-to-peer connection and the encryption of that data is carried on the blockchain.

Where are the files stored?

Storage will be offered to users in two ways. The first, data can be stored on the user’s device through a direct download. The second is through a proprietary, patented distributed scheme that allows for data files to be separated, encoded using the session key and encryption key that are generated for the user and the given session, and are then stored in multiple, spread-out locations.

Encryption Process & Security

How does Skrumble Network build the connection between peer-to-peer?

Using a unique, derivative algorithm, Skrumble Network builds the connection between users by utilizing individual users’ information such as their SKM public key, device ID, log in info, etc. to create a completely unique session ID and secret key.

Describe the sequence of events in creating a connection.
Step 1: Authentication on Blockchain Once users enter a secure passcode and pseudonym, a derivative of these elements will be used to generate both a private and a public ID. When users wish to start a conversation, the algorithm randomly selects from both users private and public IDs to create a unique conversation ID, so no two conversations will ever be the same. Once consensus is reached, the connection is authenticated.
Step 2: Establish Encrypted Connection With the connection created, it now needs to be encrypted for an added layer of security. Acting as the handshake and signal for communication to commence, by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) we’re able to establish a secure real-time connection between users.
Step 3: Rich Media Stream (RMS) Through this process a RTP (Real-Time Protocol) stream is established which means users are ready to begin messaging, voice and video calling, sending files, etc.
How does Skrumble Network alleviate the possibility of a hack or attack?

Using decentralized protocols, there is no centralized server, meaning there is no single point to attack. With Skrumble Network’s authentication and encryption process, only the users participating in a conversation will have access to it.

Is there an inherent danger in data distributed amongst the network being stored and compromised? In other words, is it possible to partially-decrypt sensitive information that’s been stored that way?
When files are stored, they are divided into pieces and spread out across the network. If one piece of the data is hacked, it will be unintelligible because only the users who initially participated in the conversation will have the secret key to piece the data back together. Therefore, data is virtually impossible to decrypt.

Incentivized Mining Efforts

Describe Skrumble Network’s mining efforts and the incentives behind it.
Skrumble Network will develop a strong reward and outreach program to incentivize master node server hosts, as well as its mining community and partners to actively support the project. These partnerships will help ensure Skrumble Network consensus resolution times are optimized.  At this time, we are not ready to release further information on the mining efforts and incentives.
Why does Skrumble Network need mining?

With 1.5 Billion tokens in total, and 2% inflation per year, there will be an increased need for mining and book-keeping nodes to help lower the book-keeping costs or cost of transactions fees. This will ensure best case scenarios for users and miners and will contribute largely to the overall Skrumble Network community growth.

How many nodes are tested in the lab?

We use 20 nodes in our test lab scenarios to mimic real world conditions

SKM Economics

Will SKM be the means of payment both in interacting with Skrumble Network directly and for P2P user value exchanges?

Yes, along with adding of many other widely supported currencies for in-conversation trading.

How’s the mining structure? Will it create centralized situation and a gap between rich and poor?
Miners will be compensated on a per transaction basis. A percentage of the tokens will be released every year for three years to keep pace with inflation. After that the ecosystem will be self-sustaining and the price will be established by the community.

Skrumble Network Ecosystem Add-Ons

What further applications of Skrumble Network will your open API allow?
Any type of application! Skrumble Network will be publishing an open API and our Software Development Kits (SDKs) will include product documentation for other blockchain developers to build applications on the Skrumble Network and also will be able to add a communication layer.
How does Skrumble Network plan to use Smart Contracts? Can you generate smart contracts via conversations?
Skrumble Network will feature In-Conversation mini-Smart Contracts, as well ad integrate with third-party ecosystem supporting smart contracts, such as Aion.
Plans for future technology partnerships?
Along with our strategic partnerships with Anthony Di Iorio, Co-Founder of Ethereum, Decentral and Jaxx and Jinius Tu, CTO of Aion, Skrumble Network will be working on future collaboration with the Decentral, Jaxx, Aion, and Ethereum ecosystems.


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