Recently, it was reported that Facebook is working on a back-door content-scanner for WhatsApp. This will allow Facebook the ability to scan one’s messages prior to them even being sent and flag any suspicious activity.


The company would then be able to send these messages to their centralized servers for internal review.


This will effectively make WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption totally useless, as Facebook and national governments would be able to exploit users’ personal privacy.


After the myriad of data privacy scandals surrounding Facebook, it appears WhatsApp users are now next in line to be exploited. Given the impending surveillance of WhatsApp, it begs the question: what will Facebook exploit next? I think the obvious answer to this question is Libra, Libra, and Libra.


With its wallet Calibra, we can expect Facebook to follow its predictable behavior of disregarding its user’s well-being in pursuit of even greater profits. Perhaps Facebook will closely monitor transactions going through its native Calibra wallet.


They could then harvest our data and sell ads on the platform, leaving the user once again exposed and vulnerable.


Up until now, Facebook has been in control of the data surrounding the personal and social lives of more than 1 billion people. Now, with its entrance into the world of money and crypto, it is aiming to control the financial lives of the same people.


If Facebook’s history is any indication, we should tread very lightly when it comes to their newest endeavor.


The security and privacy of our financial lives are on the line.


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Author: J W

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