Our Advisors

Strategic Advisory Board

Anthony Di Iorio 

Co-Founder of Ethereum
CEO & Founder of Decentral & Jaxx, CDO of the TMX Group

Jeff Pulver 

VoIP Pioneer
Co-Founder of $3B communication company Vonage, Lifetime Privacy Advocate

Jinius Tu 

CTO of Aion
Expert Blockchain Architect

Redouane Elkamhi, PhD  

Associate Professor at Rotman
Lead of Fintech & Blockchain at the University of Toronto

Kevin Hsu

Founder Partner at BlockVC
Investor in Ontology, RSK & QTUM

Jiangang Wu, PhD 

Co-Founder of Fusion
Professor of Finance & Blockchain Economics at Shanghai University

Selected Supporters & Early Investors

Richard Wang

Partner, Draper Dragon Fund

Eric Gu
Founder, Metaverse Foundation.
Co-Founder, ViewFin

Hayden Zhang

Founder, Blockchain Joint Development Organization

Henry Wu
Venture Partner, Ledger Capital

Herbert Zhang

Partner, CIO, Youbi Capital

Lucky Li
Founder, Fly Future Capital

Daniel Kochan

Co-founder, Pod Capital

Samuel Hoysted

Co-founder, Pod Capital

Dou Wang
Founder of Jic Capital

Leona Son

Co-Founder, Synco

William Bu
CEO, insChain

Jack Huang 

Founder of One Block

Shenglun Zhu

Co-Founder of Bit Viva Blockchain Foundation

Samson Lee

Founder & CEO, CoinStreet

Dr. Eric Wang, PhD

Managing Director at GoldenWise Capital

Peter Szeli 

Managing Director, Skyline Capital

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