Company Description

August 2018 (Beta Launch of centralized version of Ally on iOS and Android)September 2018 (Expected Release of Ally on TestNet)Early 2019 (Expected Release of Ally on MainNet)

Skrumble Network Quick Facts:
Founded 2018
Founders Eric Lifson (Co-Founder)
Number of Employees 52
Headquarter Toronto, Canada
Short Description Skrumble Network is a secure, communication-centric blockchain optimized for decentralized applications and offers a communication layer for developers.
Advisors Anthony Di Iorio (Co-Founder of Ethereum, CEO of Jaxx & Decentral)

Jeff Pulver (VOIP Pioneer, Co-Founder of Vonage)

Jinius Tu (CTO of Aion)

Redouane Elkamhi, PhD (Associate Professor of Finance at Rotman UofT)

Kevin Hsu (Founder & Managing Partner of Block VC)


Who is Skrumble Network?

Skrumble Network (SKM) is a new, innovative public blockchain that is uniquely optimized for secure communication-centric connections and transactions, decentralized applications, and offers a communication layer for developers to build into any application. With no middle entity or centralized server host in between to censor, block or manipulate any data, Skrumble Network’s blockchain and decentralized applications aim to be a catalyst for data privacy and help to truly democratize communication on a global scale. Skrumble Network is a community project backed by Skrumble Technologies Inc.

What is Ally?

Powered by Skrumble Network, Ally is the first decentralized application (dAPP) on the blockchain that is available for iOS and Android devices. Currently centralized in Beta, Ally is a first of its kind multi-purpose mobile communication and media application that empowers users to communicate freely, anonymously, and securely. Unlike Facebook, Telegram and WeChat, Ally is built on the Skrumble Network blockchain, and therefore uses community-owned storage with no centralized servers. The decentralized version of Ally is expected to be live September 2018 on the TestNet. The MainNet release is expected to be early 2019.

Current key features of Ally Beta include:

  • Temporary messages with limited time views
  • Secure messaging private and public chat functions
  • Video chat with up to 50 members
  • Vimeo and YouTube players
  • In-app wallet for crypto transactions
  • Audio and video calling

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