We sat down with our Product Manager Aleksandra Mihajlovic and our UI/UX Designer Avenson Navalta for part five of our Product Design process series! Throughout the interview they shared their insight and creative views on working behind the scenes of our brand new dApp which launched on August 1st in centralized beta version, and any other products created by the Skrumble Network team.

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Question: Why do you think user experience is important when designing the Ally App?


For most, they worry about what the application looks like, but I think for me user experience has the same importance as visual identity. A main concern of ours is how our users will be using our application. For instance, is the app easy to use? Is it something they can understand without explanation? Because ultimately a user’s initial reaction to an app is the deciding factor if they will continue to use the product or not. It essentially helps dictate if the product is a hit or miss.

So, with that in mind, Aleks and I made sure that the Skrumble Network Application is actually useable, and that users will want to continue exploring the app after the initial sign up. We designed the app in a particular way so that it would be like second nature for users when they are on it.


I agree, I think ultimately what the most important thing is that people are using the app, and they almost don’t even realize they are. And by that I mean we hope people use the app like it is second nature to them. They go into the app do what they need to do whether it’s chat, call, whatever it is, bottom line it’s the sense of security and assurance that they are not being tracked with what they are doing in the app.

But in terms of user experience, we just want you to go in there, have a good time, and be able to navigate through really easily. That’s why it’s so important, because sometimes apps can provide really good benefits and selling points but when you try to use the app it’s so difficult.

I know for myself, I download apps all the time and they are great apps with amazing ideas but after I download it I can’t even get passed the sign-up page and end up automatically deleting it because the process to even begin using the app is too lengthy.

Hence, this is the last thing we want. We want people to have a very seamless experience. One that is consistent and reliable. We see no reason why one would have to be stressed using a communication app that you download by choice. And I think if we strive to achieve that and people truly enjoy their experience then we’re doing the right thing!

About Skrumble

Skrumble Network is a completely new, innovative blockchain and application that centers on creating the most secure connections for communication possible. It will be a blockchain uniquely optimized for secure communication-centric connections and transactions, a decentralized social media communication application, and a communication layer for developers to build into any application. With no middle entity or centralized server host in between to censor, block or manipulate any data, Skrumble Network’s blockchain and application will be a catalyst for data privacy and help to truly democratize communication on a global scale.

Learn more about Skrumble Network by visiting skrumble.network.

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