Skrumble Network (SKM) Partners with Juggernaut (JGN) to Build the World’s First Unstoppable DeFi Network

Allocation of JGN tokens and jSKM DeFi synthetics will directly reward SKM holders & operators

SKM’s true pursuit is to build an unstoppable network that cannot be manipulated, censored, or hacked is our true pursuit. We aim to attain the greatest reward system for SKM token holders as possible. With the power of DeFi, we now see this as possible.

We are happy to announce our next major focus: jSKM. This synthetic derivative that will act as a method to collect and distribute profits across those that operate the network.

jSKM is the first DeFi project outside of the finance world. It is a true blockchain revolution.

Introducing DeComm, the next generation of DeFi

SKM’s partner, Juggernaut (JGN), is an upstart custom DeFi synthetic token generation system. Through unique custom financial modelling and DeFi deployment, it can enable token projects to have real, sustainable, and modular business models built around their utility model.

Phase 1: First Case Study: jSKM – Powered by Skrumble Network (SKM)

Skrumble Network is partnering with JGN and Mysterio Labs to build the first DeFi powered unstopped communication network. Mysterio Labs is a top telecom hardware provider out of Asia that prefers to stay anonymous for security reasons. They will provide a custom VPN and WiFi mining machine network built exclusively for the jSKM project!

DeFi Driving Blockchain Evolution

Blockchain is like the internet and mobile ages before it.  Subsequently, a sustainable business model will take time to become clear. Most companies in the space rely on rapid fundraising and cash burning cycles. A typical question for most blockchain projects is “how long is the runway”. However, building something innovative is not enough. To make it sustainable, the token projects must develop their own sustainable business model. SKM is working to bridge this gap from theoretical to everyday life with real token utility demand.

Blockchain technology has been advancing for years. In the crypto token space, we have seen different waves and trends. However, the only proven sustainable business models so far have been exchanges (and platform tokens) and DeFi.

Therefore, as the blockchain space evolves, decentralization will continue to be the essence of blockchain projects and their communities. JGN helps solve the problem for most token projects: help them build and run a sustainable business model. Therefore, SKM is honored to be the first case study.

jSKM: The Next Evolution For SKM

Over the first few months of development for their first case study, they are going to work with SKM to embrace our vision:– build a unstoppable communication network plus with direct DeFi rewards.

SKM will be the core utility token, and jSKM as the synthetic DeFi reward system!

Phase 1: SKM holders will receive 1.5M JGN tokens over the next two years. Additional rewards will be announced in the future. SKM holders will also gain access to the custom jSKM synthetic derivative. The first JGN token distribution will be announced soon for SKM holders!

Together, we will build the world’s first unstoppable DeFi communication network
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