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It’s Wednesday, and that means another weekly update for the best blockchain/crypto community out there! As always, our team is working hard to bring you the best project and app possible, and we’re so proud to announce a few key highlights from the last week!


Here are the highlights:


Secret Chats Merged with Private Chats in Ally

Based on your user feedback, we’ve decided to merge secret chats and private chats into one. Currently you can have a private chat with a user and have a separate secret chat happening at the same time. Now, by merging the two chat types, you’ll be able to create a private chat with one of your contacts and send timed messages within the private chat. Skrumble Network is truly committed to unifying the Ally user experience, and we appreciate any and all feedback from our amazing community!

Please note: This change should be implemented in the next week and means that previous secret chats will be deleted from users’ chat lists.


Loading Optimization for Ally

We’ve had some users report that chats aren’t loading quickly. We’ve done a deep dive into the app and have figured out a few key places to optimize to seriously improve loading times. Over the next few releases, we’ll be adding in some major app improvements. If you’re experiencing any issues, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Ally from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or getally.io.


Ally has reached over 90K users!

The start of Skrumble Network’s big marketing campaign was a huge success! Since beginning the campaign, we’ve seen a huge number of people download Ally and we are beyond proud to announce that we have reached over 90K users! It won’t be long until we hit 100K, so be sure to keep an eye out in our Ally and Telegram groups for the announcement!


Candy Center Coming Soon in Ally

As many of you may know, we announced that we’ll be adding a Candy Center into Ally in our October monthly video update. Ever since announcing, we’ve had so many incredible projects reach out and want to line up airdrops to our almost 100K users. For those who missed the update, the Candy Center will allow other crypto/blockchain projects to distribute tokens to Ally users. Ally users will visit the Candy Center and select from a list of live campaigns to participate in and will receive tokens. This is where it gets interesting! Our brand-new VIP Program that’s also coming soon will help to determine how many tokens each Ally user is allotted per each campaign. The more SKM tokens you hold in your wallet, the more rewards you’ll receive. To take a look at what the Candy Center and VIP Program will look like in Ally, visit last week’s update.


As always, we love to keep our incredible community of supporters up to date on the most recent company updates. We have lots of amazing things in the works and can’t wait to announce them to all of you!




Have questions about our weekly updates? Reach out to one of our team members on the above mentioned platforms and we’ll be glad to answer!


Until next week!



About Skrumble

Skrumble Network is a completely new, innovative blockchain and application that centers on creating the most secure connections for communication possible. It will be a blockchain uniquely optimized for secure communication-centric connections and transactions, a decentralized social media communication application, and a communication layer for developers to build into any application. With no middle entity or centralized server host in between to censor, block or manipulate any data, Skrumble Network’s blockchain and application will be a catalyst for data privacy and help to truly democratize communication on a global scale.

Learn more about Skrumble Network by visiting Skrumble.network.


Author: Shelby Pearce

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